Budget OOPS BAG! 10+ *IMPERFECT* sheets


Please read entire description.



These Mixed "OOPS" bags include 10 sheets that I didn't think the quality was good enough to sell in my shop. Some of the sheets may have also been printed on older sticker paper that is no longer available in my shop which is why I've put it into an "oops bag".


**At Least 50% of the stickers on each sheet will be usable - usually more though**


Imperfections the sheets may have:
▶ Missing colors or colors that are running out of ink
▶ Lines in the ink
▶ Splotches or tears on just a couple of the stickers
▶ Incorrect cuts resulting in weird or misaligned margins and/or white around the outside of a sticker that shouldn't be there
▶ Missing stickers
▶ Blank or unprinted stickers
▶ Uncentered stickers


**I did my best to include a wide variety of stickers - not repeats of the same ones** Since these are Budget Bags,  each kit includes stickers from budgeting kits.  There will also be a variety of sticker paper in the kits from premium matte, to glossy to clear.  Each kit will vary.


✦ Stickers will vary in size but the majority will fit MOST planners including the medium Happy Planner, regular ECLP vertical, medium Recollections, etc. 

✦ Sold AS IS and no returns on this item. Thank you!!

Budget OOPS Bags!

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